Keywords: businesslike and diplomatic protocol, Service industries, innovation trends, diplomacy


The article considers the peculiarities of the development of innovative trends in businesslike and diplomatic protocol in the field of services. The importance of business and diplomatic protocol at the current stage of development of the hospitality industry was analyzed. Was investigated the management culture of the modern leader. The article also describes the requirements for a modern leader of services. Prospects for the development of the service sector with the effective implementation of innovative technologies in business and diplomatic protocol were considered. Proposals have been developed to ensure the innovativeness of business and diplomatic protocol in the field of services. Today, innovation is becoming increasingly crucial for competitiveness and productivity in services. The formation of a modern model of diplomacy leads to the conclusion that the future of diplomacy largely depends on how the tourism business will develop in the future, and therefore tourism has an impact on the work and modernization of business and diplomatic protocol. Analyzing the transformation trends in modern diplomacy, it should be noted that the role of business and diplomatic protocol is very important, because the service sector is developing very rapidly today, and accordingly makes some adjustments to the businesslike protocol process. Innovations in the hospitality industry are related to general processes in society and global problems. Today, a new system of business and diplomatic protocol is being created, the characteristic feature of which is innovation – the ability to update and openness to the new. To develop business and diplomatic protocol in the field of services, we need people with relevant knowledge, creativity and high potential. The source of innovation is a purposeful search for a potential idea in order to promote the institution, where modern business and diplomatic practice only contributes to these innovation processes. Today, the question of the process of modernization of the hospitality industry is becoming increasingly important and this is due to the fact that the hospitality industry is only evolving over time and this innovation is manifested in management, because every tourist manager must make adjustments to modernize business and diplomatic protocol.


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