Keywords: tourism, tourist flows, quarantine restrictions, epidemic risks, pandemic, Covid-19, tourism development


The article examines the main problems of the tourism sphere of Ukraine, which arouses as a result of the introduction of measures to overcome the coronavirus pandemic in the world and in Ukraine in particular. Using the experience of other countries and international recommendations, measures for intersectoral cooperation in the context of increased epidemic risks are proposed. The article reveals the peculiarities of the development of the tourist sphere of Ukraine in the conditions of increased epidemic risks. Modern tendencies of functioning of the tourist sphere of the country are investigated. The tourism sector is suffering on a global scale due to the implementation of measures to overcome the coronavirus pandemic and the uncertainty of further development of the situation. According to various scenarios, in 2020 the volume of international tourist arrivals is expected to fall by 58-78% compared to last year. According to experts, the recovery of demand to the level of 2019 will take at least two years. According to experts, the sphere of tourist services of the corona crisis period will be characterized by giving consumers priority in terms of: choice of shorter rest periods, predominance of individual movement and individual accommodation, choice of health, sea and rural tourism. The existing problems of development of the enterprises of the sphere of tourism in the conditions of the increased epidemic risks are defined. The main directions of overcoming the crisis phenomena for the enterprises of the tourist sphere and their achievement of sustainable functioning are substantiated. Restrictions on travel imposed by states to prevent the spread of COVID-19, falling incomes due to the economic crisis and recession potentially increase the demand for leisure within Ukraine. Domestic tourism is the main driver of preservation and revival of the industry in the face of anti-epidemic restrictions. It needs to prepare regional strategies for stimulating the development of tourism and recreation in post-quarantine conditions in attractive regions for domestic tourism, in all regions without exception to ensure the revision of the relevant sections in the approved regional development strategies taking into account the tasks.


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