Keywords: tourist marketing, national tourist product, tourist services, tourist sphere, tourist resources


The purpose of the article is to highlight the features of tourism marketing at the national level. The relevance of the chosen topic is associated with the presence of deep contradictions in the development of the tourism industry in our country, which is associated with the existence of a number of both objective and subjective factors, in this regard, special attention needs modern tourism marketing, the effectiveness of which is due to the focus on the consumer, the degree of harmonization of the capabilities of the enterprise with market requirements. The article provides a brief description of the tourist resources of our country as a potential for tourism development, emphasizes that Ukraine has all the objective prerequisites for the formation of the tourism market: features of geographical location and relief, favorable climate, rich natural, historical, cultural and tourist recreational potential. The views of scientists on the interpretation of such concepts as marketing, tourism marketing, tourism product, service are highlighted. There are three main functions of tourism marketing – establishing contacts with customers, designing innovations, analysis of performance. The conditions in which the tourist sphere in our country functions and develops are defined, definition of essence of tourist marketing within the state, and also the separate tourist enterprise is given. In particular, it is emphasized that tourism marketing within the state is expressed in tourism policy, which should be understood as a set of state measures and measures that determine the creation of framework conditions for tourism industry development, rational use of tourism resources, economic efficiency of tourism. The principles of tourist marketing are formulated – orientation on effective solution of problems of concrete consumers; focus on a clear commercial result; an integrated approach to achieving goals; activity, aggression, perseverance. The strategies of tourist marketing - the strategy of the national tourist product, pricing strategy, sales strategy, communication strategy, as well as a brief description of each of them.


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