Keywords: investment attractiveness, region, united territorial communities, investment passport, institutional environment, investment policy, mechanism


The article is devoted to the study of the influence of the united territorial communities on the investment attractiveness of the region. It is determined that the issue of the influence of united territorial communities on the development of the region acquired in the conditions of intensification of decentralization processes, which allows to determine the place and role of certain units in the development of the regional system. It is important to take into account the specific characteristics of the united territorial communities, such as dominance in the structure of a particular industry or sector of the economy, the peculiarities of the culture of economic management and their values. It is substantiated that the totality of all resources forms the potential of the community, which is a certain "profile" of UTC, which allows the investor to make decisions about the feasibility of investing, areas of investment. The key criterion is not the amount of resources, but the efficiency of their use within the territorial entity, which forms the investment attractiveness of both individual UTC and affects the attraction of funds to the region. Investment attractiveness is directly related to the investment climate, for which there are different methods for assessing. The authors singled out five groups of factors that shape the investment climate: the level of development of productive forces and the state of the investment market; political will of the government and the legal field of the state; the state of the financial and credit system and the activities of financial intermediaries; foreign investor status; investment activity of the population. Based on the analysis of these factors, four types of environments have been formed, which are in fact components of the investment climate: political and legal environment; socio-cultural environment; economic environment; institutional and infrastructural environment. The need to improve the key principles of investment policy through the creation of an effective legal framework governing investment activities, macroeconomic and political stability, the introduction of tax and customs benefits, subsidies, subsidies, subventions and budget loans for the development of priority sectors of the economy.


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