Keywords: digital marketing, digital marketing tools, digital marketing channels, internet, advertising


The article actualizes the issue of digital marketing. The question of the essence of the concept of «digital marketing» is revealed. The answer to the differences between «digital marketing» and «Internet marketing» is substantiated. There is a detailed answer to the question: «what are the main tools of digital marketing and channels of its distribution». Examples of implementation of several of the listed channels are given. The advantages and disadvantages of their use of digital marketing are determined, as well as criteria for evaluating the effectiveness. The advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing are considered in the form of SWOT-analysis. The fundamental difference between modern digital marketing tools from the past, which are not as effective as before, is substantiated. Digital marketing tools include activities that allow you to alert a large number of people or draw the attention of the target audience to the products or services of the company, organization. gives a description of the main effective integrated tools of digital marketing. Particular attention is paid to the effectiveness of social media channels. A special place in the article is devoted to an overview of digital marketing channels and tools. Digital Marketing, like digital communications, is targeted and interactive in nature. Digital media (or new media) is a complex of digital carriers of advertising messages. Held comparison of the main groups of media channels. The author offers his own classification of digital tools. The peculiarity of this classification is that it will allow you to navigate in the Digital environment, regarding user behavior and use the most effective tools in a specific situation and a specific task to attract. Over time, the classification of tools proposed by the author can be supplemented with new, more effective tools. The practical importance of this work lies in the possibility of further use of the research results (in particular, the formed assessment of digital tools) and taking them into account when developing integrated bathroom marketing communications. On the basis of the received information the reasoned conclusions are made.


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