Keywords: profitability, financial results, effective activity, management tools, the mechanism of formation of financial results


The economic necessity of development and existence of modern enterprises is determined by their result. Today, the problems of creating financial results are becoming increasingly important, and shows the need for a fundamental study of world, progressive experience, the invention of areas for improving accounting, monitoring and analysis. Profit as an economic factor makes it possible to combine the economic interest of the enterprise and the state, workers and the owner of the enterprise. Thus, profit is the foundation of economic development and the main source of meeting consumer needs of society. The paramount importance of financial gains is that they provide an increase in the country's budget, positively affecting the investment component of the attractiveness of the industry and enterprises, their business activity and so on. Now each enterprise, which conducts economic activity, must independently finance the ways of its expenses, conduct the distribution of improvised financial resources, allocating them for the production of products (services) in order to obtain the final result in the form of profit. That is why it is absolutely necessary to investigate the mechanism of formation (formation) of financial results of enterprises and scientific and methodological models before conducting their analysis. It is studied that the principles of optimal selection of the best management decision operate differently in each situation, and the principle of flexibility requires the ability of the management system to take into account changes in the environment. It is determined that the use of analytical tools in the management of financial results of the entity aims to optimize their size in terms of value, to ensure the stability of profitability and economic growth. The mechanism of formation and methodical approaches to the analysis of financial results of agricultural enterprises are investigated. The components of the formation of financial results of the enterprise are considered. The scientific views in the field of the mechanism of formation and management of use of the last in modern conditions are generalized. It is determined that due to the analysis it is possible to understand the composition, structure of financial results, to study the effect of factors that affect the value of financial results, it is possible to monitor profitability.


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