Keywords: investment management, investment strategy, investment policy, asset liquidity, risk and return of investment, investment portfolio, real and financial investments


Making informed decisions requires mutual coordination of management actions according to the purposes, terms and methods at all stages of investment process. A comprehensive combination of strategic, tactical and operational tools of investment management ensures the timely achievement of set goals of the enterprise in specific investment conditions. The article is devoted to the study of relationship between processes of strategic planning and operational support for implementation of investment decisions of the enterprise. The variability of the modern business environment determines the necessity to apply a strategic approach to the organization of enterprise investment activities. The investment strategy is subject to corporate business strategy (increase, stabilization or reduction), which affects the content of investment decisions and the nature of investment. Thus, the enterprise can choose the strategy of investment support for accelerated growth, the strategy of investment support of limited growth or anti-crisis investment strategy. It stated that components of tactical investment management regulate the procedure for making management decisions (investment policy) and determine the final result of their implementation (investment portfolio). It is emphasized that balancing the composition of enterprise investment portfolio is carried out in the conditions of time and budget restrictions in compliance with liquidity requirements and legal regulations. Limited resources available for investment require setting priorities in capital allocation between potentially profitable assets. It is obvious that effective management of enterprise investment portfolio requires forming the target capital structure based on reaching a compromise between its risk and return. Operational investment management involves both implementing selected real investment projects and restructuring the composition of financial assets of enterprise investment portfolio. Systematic and consistent of strategic, tactical and operational management decisions of the enterprise provide current control over the implementation of its innovation initiatives in accordance with the chosen model of investment behavior. This approach to the organization of investment activities is designed to provide organic unity of the declared strategic goals, expected results and means of their achievement.


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