Keywords: intangible assets, identification, assessment, accounting, implementation, financial reporting


The article actualizes the theoretical aspects of accounting procedures in the context of intangible assets. An analysis of recent research and publications of scientists in relation to this topic was conducted. Theoretical aspects of accounting support of intangible assets are substantiated in order to identify problems that arise in this process. The role of intangible assets in adopting managerial decisions, the formation of market value and their influence of investment attractiveness of companies. The regulatory and legal regulation of accounting for these assets in Ukraine is investigated. The problems of their evaluation and identification based on experience of foreign companies are considered. The imperfection of the interpretation of the essence of intangible assets was revealed. The factors that cause disproportions in understanding the terminology on this topic are determined. The need to improve the classification of objects of intangible assets, the allocation of their characteristic features and methodological principles of statement of these assets on accounting. The problem of lack of documentation confirming the receipt of these assets is emphasized. The difficulties associated with the evaluation of an intangible asset created by its own forces are described. The importance of conducting relevant analytical accounts for internally manufactured objects of intangible assets is substantiated. The requirements for components of documents identifying the intangible asset are determined. Attention is drawn to the ambiguity of reflecting operations for the implementation of intangible assets in the financial statements. The impossibility of determining the useful time and calculation of depreciation of some intangible assets is highlighted. The problem of premature write-offs in intangible assets is defined. Recommendations on identification and evaluation of such assets, determination of useful use and depreciation methods, eliminating the problem of unknowing intangible assets in accounting and discrepancies for the implementation of such assets in financial statements have been developed.


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