Keywords: pricing policy, pricing, trading enterprises, pricing factors, the value of goods


The peculiarities of the study of the formation of pricing policy and pricing of commercial enterprises involve, above all, taking into account many different factors that affect this process. In particular, the significant impact of price risk and the instability and unpredictability of market processes become significant obstacles in the process of forming the pricing policy of enterprises. In addition, there are a number of additional factors that commercial enterprises must take into account in their activities in determining the price of goods. In many cases, businesses need to respond quickly to changes in these factors due to hypertrophied imbalances in commodity markets, which may occur due to their imperfections. Thus, the need for the management of the enterprise to take into account these factors becomes an objective necessity in the process of forming a pricing policy. In many cases, pricing becomes impossible without the use of specialized mathematical and econometric tools. The article considers modern features of pricing in commercial enterprises. It is determined that only an objective and economically sound approach to the formation of the price of goods allows commercial enterprises to ensure the appropriate level of profitability and provides a significant competitive advantage. It is noted that the pricing policy of commercial enterprises is related to the need to ensure the effective functioning of all available channels for the sale of marketable products. A number of problematic factors have been identified that need to be addressed in order to ensure the proper level of profitable operation of business entities. Taking into account the need to address the problems associated with these factors will allow companies to develop effective tools to overcome risk factors and market changes. It is also necessary to take into account the specifics of the sphere of activity of the enterprise and product groups with which it works. It is investigated that there is an objective need to form and ensure at the level of the management staff of the enterprise the proper functioning of a comprehensive system of information support for the pricing process.


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