Keywords: export, foreign economic activity, export potential, aircraft enterprises


The article examines the modern tools for assessing the export potential of enterprises of the aircraft complex, which take into account a significant number of qualitative and quantitative indicators. In the assessment, general scientific and specific methods of system-structural analysis and synthesis were used to identify the relationship between the components of export potential; the authors have done systematization of factors that shape the export potential and have the strongest impact on it; the expert method was used to compare the indicators of the studied enterprises that belong to the aircraft complex of Ukraine. The production of products competitive on world markets is ensured by the existing closed cycle, which is typical for the aviation industry. Having declared the course for European integration, in Ukraine the legislation in the aviation sphere was completely adapted to the European regulatory documents. The analysis of the previous research has shown that most of the recent articles are of purely survey character, which confirms the relevance of the work. The author claims that the export activity of industrial enterprises has always been the most promising area of development, as it allows obtaining a stable currency in-flow under effective organization of both production and foreign economic activity, taking into account the risks associated with the functioning of economic entities. The method for an assessment of the export potential of enterprises of the aircraft complex has been improved and tested. It was used to identify the first-level components and local indicators, which can be combined into an integral index of export potential. It has been found that a market component of exports ranks first in its impact on the formation of export potential (19.7%); the effectiveness of reducing export risks ranks second (15.7%), while the financial performance (12.8 %) and the efficiency of innovation and investment (12.0%) share the third place in the ranking. The trial-out of the method proved that the State Enterprise Antonov has the highest level of export potential (6,695). The proposed approach is clear, easy to calculate and compare the results. The prospects for further research are making the method universal to obtain an effective tool for assessing the export potential of any industrial enterprise.


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