Keywords: investment project, investment attractiveness, evaluation, methods, criteria


The article is devoted to study of topical issue of methodological support for assessing the investment attractiveness of a small enterprise, development of which in Ukraine is progressive. The therefore, methods of assessing investment attractiveness and investment project need to develop their scientific development in order to make successful investment decisions. Purpose of article is to substantiate approaches and tools of investment justification of small enterprises to form an idea of effectiveness of investment project in making investment decisions. The research methods used were as follows: scientific generalization, comparison, grouping, abstraction, analysis and synthesis, induction and deduction. The definition of «investment project» in various literature sources is considered and the generalized interpretation is offered. Existing sources of financing of investment projects for small enterprises under modern conditions are outlined. The concept of investment attractiveness is defined and the main approaches and methods to the evaluation of investment project are generalized. When assessing investment attractiveness, it is recommended to be guided by certain scientifically sound economic criteria and emphasis is placed on need to use informal criteria. The economic and analytical characteristics of main methods of evaluation of investment projects are given. Certain shortcomings of methods for assessing investment attractiveness for small businesses have been expanded. It is concluded that method of assessing investment attractiveness of small businesses should take into account influence of a number of factors, a comprehensive study of property and financial resources, market conditions and production potential, level of innovation of idea and opportunities for its implementation. The practical value of article is confirmed by possibility to use presented methods and indicators to evaluate investment project by small enterprises of Ukraine.


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