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The article deals with motivating factors of personnel in a hospitality enterprise, analyzes the needs of employees as a factor determining the way of motivation. It was researched that the main factor of staff turnover in the hospitality industry is the lack of motivation of employees, instead of making maximum efforts and bringing income to themselves and the company, they are forced to look for a new job. Most of these situations are caused by poor working conditions. Disciplinary policy and work on the verge of endurance leads to the fact that the job becomes just a burden, and there is no question of professional, high quality customer service and any initiative on the part of the employees. This affects the reputation of the institution, the loss of regular guests and, finally, the decrease in profits. A company's success is a combination of many factors that pay off over time. Creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm, motivation and encouragement for individual employees is something that should always be taken care of. When employees are motivated to work as part of a team, they feel independent and become more productive. In order to enhance material and moral incentives, the following should be taken into account: the introduction of effective systems of indicators, which should contain interrelated mechanisms of both basic and additional compensation for employees of all categories; more frequent communication between employees and directly with various levels of management; improvement of employee working conditions; the provision (or expansion) of social packages (life insurance, medical and pension insurance, payment of transportation costs and mobile communications, etc.) and the introduction of a system of incentives. In today's economic climate, the demands on hotel employees are constantly increasing. They are expected to work harder and provide more and better service to hotel guests. The extent to which employees fulfil their tasks is a direct result of the motivation and reward system. Consideration regarding the types of work motivation is constantly supplemented and modified. The topic is up-to-date and requires constant research on the varieties of its components considering the constant changes in society and personal needs of each member of the workforce, so the need to improve management, motivation and stimulation of staff, is the main way to improve the quality of work and get the most out of the employees.


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