Keywords: environment, environmental problems, international economic relations, environmental security, renewable energy, electricity, garbage recycling, solid waste, environmental disaster


Today the acute problems are pollution oceans, global warming, lack of resources, the increasing number of war and terrorist groups. All of this have adversely effects on the world environment and causes many problems in relations between countries. The issues of the impact of ecology on the world economy were revealed in their works economists such as K. Sitnik, M. Budiko, M. Reimer and many others. The main porpoise is to analyze the impact of ecology on the formation of economies in Europe and Ukraine, effects and suggest ways to solve problems. One of the main principles of domestic and foreign policy of any country is the preservation of the environment and its components. The main objectives of the article are to identify and analyze the main environmental problems of the world; to analyze the consequences of economic dangers and their impact on international economic relations; to analyze the consequences of energy consumption and propose alternative solutions for Ukraine; to investigate the problems and prospects of waste recycling in the world by proposing ways to solve the problem for Ukraine based on the experience of foreign countries; to identify the negative impact of solid waste recycling and suggest ways to solve the problem. Thus, there is a need to identify and study the main problems that stand in the way of building international economic relations in Ukraine and the world as a whole and to identify the main ways to solve these problems. The article analyzes the level of ecology worldwide. The basic environmental problems that have a negative impact in terms of all sectors of society. The main factors that cause negative impact on the environment are considered. Methods of pollution control at the level of the European Union and Ukraine are researched and offered. Ukraine's prospects for improving the environmental situation, which will help reach a new level in the world rankings, have also been identified.


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