Keywords: management team, team-building, roles and styles of management, stages of team formation, the efficiency of the enterprise's activity


The article deals with the problems of formation and training a well-functioning team of managers capable of working productively under market conditions, its rational structural organization, the interaction of different roles and management styles of each team member to achieve the success of the enterprise. It is noted that in order to create a highly effective management team, the management of an organization must clearly understand what a team exactly is and what are the stages of its formation. The concepts of the team were considered and the definition of the management team was given. The process of the management team formation is shown on the example of a private institution of out-of-school education as it is challenging to take into account all the details in this matter. The most often faced problems by the management of the organization in the formation of directions of development to improve the efficiency of their activities were analyzed. It is recommended to form a management team at the enterprise according to the developed methodology. This proposal aims to improve the efficiency of the management team by structuring the team-building process. The formation of the management team is proposed to be carried out in six stages: defining the role of the management team; finding of the composition of the management team (CV review and analysis); interview of applicants; team-building with the PAEI method; implementation of the ‘Developer’ project; employment of managers and approval of the official status of the team. The first three stages are implemented by the organizer of the management team on his or her own, that is, the owner of the organization, and the next three stages without the active participation of the organizer, but with further monitoring of the process. The proposed methodology will significantly increase the efficiency of the management team, and it will also enable the enterprise to improve the efficiency of decisions made by the management team and the quality of implemented projects This will in turn have an impact on the performance of the organization, the enhancement of its position in the market, and the increase in its profitability, profit and attractiveness to the customer.


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