Keywords: specialized enterprises, restaurant business, restaurant, food industry, approaches, restaurant formats


The restaurant services market has entered a new stage of its development, against a background of existing businesses, open modern formats of organizations in the food industry. Food culture modernizarea, much is borrowed from the European food culture. The article considers the current trends in the development of the restaurant industry of Ukraine, in particular the new formats of restaurants that are used to attract regular new customers. The actual problems concerning application of modern tendencies of development of restaurant business are analyzed. Based on the analysis, the peculiarities of the prospects of enterprise development are determined and substantiated. The reasons that inhibit the development of restaurant business facilities and innovative approaches to retain regular visitors and attract new ones in a competitive environment are identified. The market of restaurant services in our country every year becomes more saturated, more diverse, more interesting, both in the range of products and services offered, and in the type of formats of restaurants. Modern formats of restaurants are changing in accordance with the processes of urbanization and informatization that occur in the economy and society as a whole. It is proved that the introduction of innovations provides restaurants with competitive advantages. The tendencies according to which the organizations of restaurant business, growth of a competition cause emergence of new kinds between them, absorption of uncompetitive establishments are listed. The modern practice of the restaurant business is represented by a large number of restaurants that determine the strategy and methods of promotion. Institutions that have chosen their unique algorithm of consumer service, design and business concept, the future of mono-restaurants, the formats of healthy cuisine «Slow-food» are becoming relevant. The development of new formats of restaurant establishments «Slow-food» and «farm-to-table» can offer their guests environmentally friendly, natural products that are good for health. The article proposes a model of organization of a healthy food enterprise.


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