Ключові слова: потенціал, музей, міжнародний туризм, культурний туризм, економічний потенціал


The issues of developing the potential of museums in the context of international tourism have investigating in article. The purpose of writing the article is to determine the potential of museums in the development of international tourism and directions for its effective use in the light of modern trends. The subject of research in the article is the use of the informational, cultural, historical and scientific potential of museums for the development of the economy and the activation of international tourism. The dynamics and peculiarities of the development of cultural tourism in modern conditions are studied, the role of museums in these processes have outlined. It was established that the presence of museums and their effective functioning is an important competitive advantage of the country in the context of the development of international tourism, and the level of tourism development in the territory of the location of museums creates, among other things, economic prerequisites for the development of their resource potential. The specific features of the museum as an object of research of its potential are systematized. The interpretation of the concept of the potential of the museum in the context of its potential contribution to the development of tourism in the territory of its location due to the existing cultural, historical, scientific values, which depends on the level of integration into the environment of the tourist sphere of the region based on the establishment of close communication links between business, culture, science and power, is proposed.


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