Keywords: labor market, demand, supply, vacancies, human capital


The article is devoted to the peculiarities of the functioning of the labor market of Ukraine in the conditions of martial law. Relevance of the topic is related to the fact that almost every second Ukrainian has either lost his job or receives a salary lower than the pre-war level. There are many people who want to work, but the labor market, which is in a state of severe crisis, is not yet able to satisfy the demand of potential employees. Using the method of summarizing and systematizing statistical data, the demand and supply of labor on the labor market was analyzed and systematized. Using the method of comparison in dynamics, the state of vacancies and wages of employees are summarized. The comprehensive analysis made it possible to investigate the sectoral and regional aspect of the functioning of the labor market in the conditions of martial law. It is substantiated that the situation with the national economy as a whole directly affects the state and dynamics of the labor market, and until the end of hostilities it is difficult to talk about its stabilization and restoration in full. It was found that domestic companies are forced to significantly revise their own expenses, primarily for personnel. It has been investigated that the common ways of reducing costs are transferring employees to half the rate, reducing the number of hours worked or taking vacation at one's own expense. It has been established that, in general, the situation in the labor market of Ukraine remains very difficult due to significant losses of human capital in connection with migration processes, which are a consequence of military actions in Ukraine. The gradual adaptation of business to work in war conditions will to some extent contribute to the return to work of representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, which suffered the most, and therefore will affect the restoration of jobs. Preservation and development of human capital involves the development of programs for retraining and adaptation of employees to new conditions, a forecast of the list of professions for which there will be significant demand in the labor market in the near future, creation of conditions for opening their own business for internally displaced persons, support for remote employment of employees.


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