Keywords: import, logistics service, supply chains, frozen fish transportation, regional distribution center


The article is devoted to topical problems of determining the optimal import schemes for delicate goods, which include frozen fish and other seafood. It is known that the logistics mission sounds like this: "Providing the right product in the right quantity and quality in the right place at the right time for a particular consumer at the lowest cost." The demand for frozen seafood creates large volumes of supplies. Given that the process is massive and with constant frequency, it becomes necessary to look for opportunities to reduce the cost of transporting frozen fish and other seafood. Attention was paid to the specifics of logistics services and the development of optimal delivery schemes by various modes of transport related to the import of delicate goods.In order for the components of the logistics mission to be performed at the proper level, it is necessary to: maintain and develop relationships with suppliers, taking into account mutual interests, monitor the quality of delivery in the right time and in the right volumes with the proper level of Service, search, test and implement modern logistics technologies where outsourcing is required, always maintain effective information support and communication. All these tasks are especially important when it comes to perishable goods, and as their importance doubles, the risks increase and therefore the supply of goods with special requirements must be carefully thought out and organized. It was noted that the specifics of the logistics service as a component of supply chain imply the need for careful preparation for the import of delicate goods. It was noted that the organization of the supply system for such a product as frozen fish requires a special approach to the choice of places and Means for transportation, as well as aging the shortest transit time in order to preserve the longest consumer shelf life. In the project situation under consideration, two options for delivering seafood to Ukraine from Norway were calculated and two schemes were proposed for consideration using a container ship in refrigerated containers and a ferry in refrigerated semi-trailers. As a result of calculations, the best transportation option was selected according to the criterion of delivery speed.


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