Keywords: banking system of Ukraine, banks, structure of the banking system, bank customers, money, economic activity


The article examines the characteristics of the banking system of Ukraine at the present stage, caused by various economic circumstances. Analysis of the state and prospects of the banking system in the country shows that it is an important part of the financial and credit system of the country and has an impact on social and economic processes not only in individual regions but also in the state as a whole. Thanks to the rapid development of Ukrainian banks, the foundation of full-fledged market relations has been laid, which are associated with the movement of money, without which the functioning of market economies is impossible. Active integration processes are constantly making adjustments to the structuring of bank relations. Therefore, the structure of the banking system in the state is a reflection of its development, because if the system does not fully perform its tasks and functions, then one of the most important reasons is its inefficient structure. Considering this issue from a practical point of view, we are convinced that one of the conditions for the functioning of banks and their interaction with customers is the inclusion of the bank in the banking system, as bank customers have the right to open accounts not only to save and accumulate money, and in order to ensure their economic activity and their own needs in any bank of Ukraine, while being able to settle with an unlimited number of recipients. Thus, entering into a contractual relationship with any bank, the client theoretically has the opportunity to count on interaction with the entire banking system. Priorities for the development of the banking system do not correspond to the realities of the economic situation in the country. The banking system of Ukraine is characterized by constant changes that are reflected in fluctuations in its main financial indicators. At the present stage, the banking system of Ukraine is in the process of development and needs further improvement, and its reliable, stable and effective functioning is the basis of Ukraine's economic success, one of the key elements of further economic growth.


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