The electronic scientific journal publishes articles of economic theory and history of economic thought; world management and international economic relations; economics and company management; innovative and investment activity; bookkeeping accounting, аnalysis and audit; finance and tax policy; modern management; mаthematic methods, models and information technologies in economics and many other spheres of economic science.

The journal also informs about the events of scientific life and economic education in Ukraine; gives reviews of scientific works and textbooks on economic subjects.

The list of items which must be done till the for the publication of the article includes:
- fill in electronic application about author
-send to editorial e-mail Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.  the following materials:
- scientific articles. Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English;
- for authors without scientific degree
– scanned review of scientific supervisor or a person, with scientific degree of the same specialty, which satisfies the subject of investigation (signature of reviewer must be certified in the personnel department or the seal of the faculty (іnstitution);
- author’s abstract of the article in English (contains: author’s surname and initials; degree and position; work or education place; title of the article; summery of the article with no less than 250 words). Translation into English should be appropriate (not machine translation). If there is a problem with the authenticity of the translation, the editorial board can help to solve it;
- scanned affirmation of payment of editorial fee. The requisites for payment are sent to the author's e-mail only after acceptance of the article.

Article publication fee is 350 UAH, including from 8 to 15 pages. The editorial board, within two weeks after receiving all the materials, sends the author onto the postal address the certificate of publication of the article in the journal signed and sealed by the chief editor.

1. Еconomic theory and history of economic thought
2. World business and international economic relations
3. Еconomics and management of national business
4. Еconomics and company management
5. Development of productive forces and regional economics
6. Economics of nature use and environmental protection
7. Demographics, labor economics, social economics and politics
8. Money, finance and credit
9. Bookkeeping accounting, аnalysis and audit
10. Statistics
11. Маthematic methods, models and information technologies in economics

Structure of scientific article must contain:
- problem statement in general view and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks;
- analysis of recent researches and publications, analysis of recent researches and publications;
- unsolved aspects of the problem, which are the subject of this article;
- formulation the aim of the article (goal setting);
- the main part with full justification of scientific results;
- conclusions from this study and perspectives for further research in this direction;
- references (arranged according to requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission);
- summery and key words in Ukrainian, Russian, English.

First line on the left - UDC, second line – the title of the article (bold), next line – surname and initials of the author (bold), next line – scientific degree. Full name of organization, which is presented by the author, names of co-authors (in case of their existence, but not more than 3 authors). Summery and key words in Ukraine. Surname and initials of the author, summery and key words in Russian and English. Extent of summery is no less than 5 sentences, the minimum number of key words is 5 words. The text of the article is preceded by a blank line. References are at the very end. Illustrations and tables must be given in the article directly after the piece of text, where they appeared first, or on the next page. Formulas in the article must be printed with the help of formula redactor (internal formula redactor in redactor of Microsoft Word for Windows).

Extent of the paper - from 8 to 15 pages, including illustrations, tables, diagrams, references. Margins on all sides – 2,0 mm. Line spacing – 1,5 Front - «Times New Roman», size – 14 pt. Paragraph interval – 0,5 Теxt alignment – in width. References number in square brackets. Example: [3, с. 234] or [2, с. 35; 8, с. 234]. References are given at the end of article and numbered in the order they appear in the text according to existing bibliographic standards. Authors should pay attention to the following: - Formulas are given with the help of inserted redactor MS Equation in italics and are numbered on the right side. Illustrations which are drawn in MS Word should be grouped together as one graphic non-color object. Tables, illustrations are printed by inserted redactor Microsoft Word and placed in the middle. While typing, one should turn off automatic hyphenation (specially-done “forced” hyphenation is not allowed). Mark fresh paragraphs with the help of «Enter», do not use gaps and tabulations (bottom «Tab»). References are given in square brackets, for example [3, с. 35; 8, с. 56-59]. The first number indicates sequence number of the position in references , second number – the particular page in the mentioned source; numbers are separated by semicolon. All statistic evidences must be proven by references to sources. All citations should contain references to sources. Names of works in references should be given in sequence order of citation. If you cite the author, his publication should be indicated in references after the article. The abbreviation of words and phrases, except generally accepted ones, is inadmissible. The authors are responsible for the accuracy of the terms, surnames, data, citations, statistical materials and the like mentioned in the article. Editorial correction of the title and the text can be made without permission of the author. The decision about the publication of the article is approved by the editorial board. The editorial staff has the right to reduce, correct and change the title of the article.